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Antec’s Latest Closed Loop Liquid Cooler Range is Superb Value!

Corsair has undoubtedly dominated the closed-loop liquid cooling market for some time and provides an impressive array of products to suit a variety of form factors. However, it’s important to reiterate that the actual units are built by either Asetek or CoolIT and not Corsair. As a result, most of the CLCs around are identical apart from a few slight aesthetic adjustments. Out of all the CLCs I’ve tested so far, Corsair’s latest H100i GT and H110i GT are the most impressive due to an attractive block design, LED lighting and gorgeous textured tubing. Nevertheless, at around £90-£100, these are an expensive proposition especially when you consider the core components are almost identical to cheaper alternatives.

On the other hand, Corsair provides a fantastic 5-year warranty on the Hydro series while their competitors like the EKWB Predator 240 only offers a 2 year guarantee. This peace-of-mind is worth the extra to many customers as there is a lot of anxiety regarding liquid cooling and the catastrophic damage from leakage. Technically, Corsair will replace any damaged hardware from a pump failure, although the probability of this occurring is very small. Nevertheless, it’s great to have that extra bit of confidence when purchasing a liquid cooling product. I’ve not heard the official terms and conditions from some of the other manufacturers as replacing hardware is a costly endeavor. I honestly believe hardware companies should clearly outline their cover for any leakage and the RMA procedure.

Antec is expanding their water cooling line-up and bringing two new models to market incredibly soon. Apparently, both of the new models will arrive in Europe during late December or early January. The Antec H600 revolves around a 120mm radiator and 20mm deep heat fin array. Furthermore, the included fan opts for a blue LED and speed range between 600-2400RPM. Mostly impressively, the estimated launch price is remarkably cheap at £39.95.

At the higher end, the Antec H1200 utilizes a 240mm radiator, 20mm deep heat fin array and high quality FEP tubing. Here is a complete rundown of this product’s specification:

“High-Performance Pump with LED Status Indicator. The integrated Status LED lights up during operation

7-Blade PWM 12cm Fans with Blue LEDs, Rifle Bearing keeps it whisper-quiet, while filling your rig with blue light.

High-Performance 240mm Radiator. A complex structure of 0.28 mm thick heat fins with 1.3 mm empty space in between each of them maximize the heat dissipation

Maximum Heat Fin Surface Area: 20 mm deep heat fin array increases the surface area for a maximum heat dissipation

High-Quality FEP Tubes: With minimal moisture absorption and high thermal & kinetic tolerances for a prolonged life

Block and Pump Array:
– High-density array of only 0.15 mm thin Micro Heat Channels with 0.2 mm space in between them
– For whisper-quiet operation with an incredible lifetime
– For maximum pump speed and cooling cycle
– Heavy-Duty Graphite bearing for a long and whisper-quiet life time

– Noise Level Range of Fan: 16~35dBA
– Fan Speed: 600-2400RPM
– Radiator Dimensions: 271mm x 120mmx 25mm
– Fan Size: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
– Tube Length: 315mm” 

The H1200 is an Asetek-based unit so it should be very reliable and perform remarkably well. Given the radiator size, LED fans, and block LED, you would expect a price around £80. However, Antec is going to offer this performance CLC at £59.99!!! This is a major price cut compared to similar AIOs and a great value proposition. On the other hand, have Antec been able to offer this price due to poorer warranty terms?

The Antec rep at Overclockers UK directly addressed these concerns and said:

“If we have one leak I personally promise to come and visit you if yours leaks and I will replace all damaged components.

Trust me they WILL not leak but seriously if one does we will 100% replace any damaged components for you if it does.”

This level of customer service and honesty is admirable and I wish more companies provided a more direct answer to the leakage question. In the next few weeks, we should have a review of both units and I cannot wait to see how they perform!

John Williamson

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