The Antenna Lines on Apple Devices Might Soon Become a Thing of the Past

/ 2 years ago

iPhone 6 antenna

Ok, so maybe the first thing you notice when you look at an iPhone for the first time is not its antenna line, but some people might get annoyed with this particular design choice after a while. In order to make sure that all of its products, whether we’re talking about smartphones, tablets or laptops, are as best looking as possible, Apple has recently filed for a patent on a special composite material that looks quite similar to anodized metal but permits wireless signals to pass through it. If implemented, this particular material, would allow Apple to create neater-looking iPhones without having to sacrifice on signal strength.

At this point, we can’t know for sure if the technology will actually be implemented any time soon, especially this is not a particularly urgent problem for Apple devices. Furthermore, there are several other solutions available to ensure a flawless design, at least for laptops, as the new MacBook is made almost entirely out of metal even though wireless connections play a key part in its functionality. In any case, the material looks promising, at least on paper, and it could be used on future Apple products in order to allow them to look as smooth as possible while boasting wireless connectivity.

Are you bothered by the iPhone’s antenna lines at all or do you think that this is just one of those “first world problems?”

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