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Anti-5G Device Costing $346 Turns Out to Just Be a $6 USB Stick

If you’re something of a fan of conspiracy theories, then you probably heard one of the more recent (and wilder) allegations that the Coronavirus was (and is) capable of being spread using 5G networks. Now, this was, of course, absolute tosh! It did, however, sadly see a number of the more intellectually challenged start vandalizing phone masts based upon the rumors. It got so bad, in fact, that YouTube started pulling any videos which cited the theory as a form of fact.

With such things, however, they’ll always be someone looking to cash in on the hysteria and one such option was an ‘anti-5G’ dongle that claimed it would give you a shield to the networks ‘effects’.

Well, in a report via the BBC, one of these $346 ‘anti-5G’ kits has been stripped down and, what do you know? It was found that for all that money, all you get is a USB stick. Worth, incidentally, around $6.

Anti-5G Sticks – IT’S A FAKE!!!

With one of these so-called ‘anti-5G’ products being inspected by UK trading standards, it has been found that rather than blocking 5G network signals, all you actually get for your near $350 is a USB stick. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, it has around 128MB of storage space.

It seems, however, that despite this dongle doing absolutely nothing to block 5G (and we mean literally nothing) some people are still enjoying the placebo effect. A member of the Glastonbury Town Council’s 5G Advisory Committee has said of it: “We use this device and find it helpful.”

What Do We Think?

In terms of protecting yourself against the ‘horrors’ of 5G networking, you’d be far better off spending a couple of dollars on a pack of tin foil and making yourself a hat. Then again, I daresay that anyone who purchased this piece of garbage for $346 probably already has a few of those already on the hat stand.

Just to be clear though, if you see this product available to buy online, please don’t buy it. The only thing it’ll achieve is removing a lot of money from your bank account for no good reason! Well, not unless you really need 128MB of storage!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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