Anti-5G Necklaces Found to Contain Radioactive Material

There will always be some people out there who have some weird and wild theories about the world we live in and particularly so in regards to how the advancement of technology may ultimately one day be the end of us. – One such (completely mad) theory in recent years is that the expansion of 5G networks has led to the increase of COVID-19 infections. And sadly, no, I’m not making that up! – It even resulted in a small number of 5G towers being deliberately vandalised.

Such, shall we diplomatically say, ‘interesting’ theories have, however, led to many people purchasing so-called anti-5G jewelry and/or accessories. – Following a report via the BBC, however, market research of 10 such devices has revealed that each contained potentially dangerous radioactive material!

Anti-5G Necklaces – Useless and Dangerous?

While there is currently no actual evidence that 5G networks are in any way hazardous to your health there are some people who will never let a clearly established solid piece of scientific research get in the way of a far more interesting to read internet conspiracy theory. It is, of course, very well established that radiation isn’t particularly beneficial for most living creatures. In fact, the only reason most people should ever want to come into contact with it is if they’re having cancer treatment. And even then, it certainly has a lot of highly unpleasant side effects.

It seems though that in attempting to tap into the, well, tapped aspect of conspiracy theory nuts, many companies are selling these anti-5G bracelets that actually contain radioactive material. Whether this is deliberate or by accident is anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t put it past some morons though to suggest that the radiation somehow disrupts the 5G signal.

“Ideal for Those Wanting a Third Arm”

The advice in regards to these products is quite clear. If you own one, we would strongly advise, in the absence of a nuclear disposal facility, that you throw it in the bin. And if you’re currently thinking of buying one, please don’t! – While the radiation these ‘accessories’ anti-5G products produce isn’t thought to be critically dangerous, long-term exposure to anything other than normal background radiation obviously isn’t going to do you or your health any good. Let alone the fact that in terms of ‘protecting’ you from the horrors of 5G, the only thing that they really probably prevent is the owner’s ability to think for themselves.

Still… You’ve got to laugh, haven’t you?

For a full list of anti-5G products found to contain radioactive material, you can check out the official ANVS website via the link here! (It’s in Dutch so Google-translate might be your friend here!).

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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