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AOC 24G2ZU 240Hz IPS Gaming Monitor Review

A Closer Look

The AOC 24G2ZU is a really nice looking monitor, and I can be confident in my opinion of that, as it has the exact same design as a bunch of other AOC monitors I’ve tested over the last couple of years. This is just the latest model in their G2 Series of monitors. Actually, it’s basically just a smaller version of a more expensive model, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

The bezel is tiny, which is fantastic, as this would be a great monitor for those wanting to do some multi-monitor setup, especially for simulation configurations.

Of course, the bottom bezel is a little thicker, but that’s the case of just about any monitor, really.

There’s some small branding here, but otherwise, it’s kept very clean and presentable, which I really like.

The controls are actually buttons, not those awful touch-sensitive things you sometimes see. They’re easy to locate under the bottom of the bezel thanks to some small icons on the plastic.

The monitor may be a little more compact, but it looks and feels a good size now that I have it out of the box. Plus, it has a good range of ergonomics, allowing me to easily adjust the height; here it is at the maximum height.

However, with one hand, I can easily push down or lift the monitor the adjust it. The same goes for the swivel and tilt features, so there’s really nothing stopping you from finding that perfect angle while gaming.

The benefit of the adjustable mount does mean you don’t have to turn the stand while making adjustments, so it’s not going to scuff up your desk.

Plus, it’s a nicely proportioned stand, not too big, not too heavy, but it looks and feels well made and plenty sturdy, preventing the monitor from wobbling around while gaming.

Around the back, everything is as you would expect. However, I love those red highlights. If you have an open desk, it’s going to look great from either side. Of course, if you’re sat with the monitor against or on a wall, I guess that’s not important.

There’s a full USB hub here, offering four USB ports, meaning you can hook up LED lights, speakers, webcams, etc with ease.

The monitor comes with a pair of HDMI ports as well as DisplayPort. I’m glad to see dual HDMI, as it means I can hook up an Xbox, PlayStation or similar more easily, while I’d likely use the Display Port or extra HDMI for my PC. There’s also a headphone jack out, handy for plugging in a soundbar or some headphones if you really need to.

The monitor comes equipped with the usual AOC OSD. It’s easy enough to navigate and changes profiles on, and it’ll tell you all the basic refresh rate information you’ll need. However, AOC G-MENU is available for Windows, allowing desktop software customisation of settings. Plus with AOC Shadow Control, Game Color, Overdrive, and other fun features, it’s worth a little poke around to see what works for you.

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