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AOC 24G2ZU 240Hz IPS Gaming Monitor Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The AOC Gaming 24G2ZU monitor is available right now from Amazon for just £275.99. That’s obviously a lot of money, but when you consider the panel technology you’re investing in here, it’s actually one of the most affordable high-end gaming monitors on the market today. While I don’t recommend this monitor for those who just enjoy their single-player games, it’s a clear winner for those who want to get a big advantage in anything more competitive, especially FPS titles. Alternatively, there’s the slightly larger and cheaper C27G2ZU for £219.97, which is still 240Hz. However, it has a less “premium” VA panel, but it’s still a really great gaming monitor.


This is one of the coolest little monitors on the market today. It’s a nice mid-point too, and while I’m sure some may want those dope 360Hz eSports monitors, the price is just hilariously out of reach for most gamers. At 240hz, this is a huge step up from 60Hz, actually, it’s a big step up from 144hz! Personally, I do play at 60Hz, but that’s the tradeoff I’m happy with as I like 4K resolution. However, despite dropping the pixel count, the increased visual information you get at 240FPS more than makes up for it. It’d be nice to do both 4K and 240Hz, but that’s a big ask, even for today’s flagship graphics cards.

The monitors are certainly pushed stronger towards the FPS crowd. There’s a larger number of high-refresh-rate competitive FPS games than anything else. The difference in performance and accuracy these panels bring to those sorts of games is profound and well documented. However, I suck at FPS games these days, and I’m too slow to be competitive. However, there are loads of cool games that I can enjoy, even if I’m not an eSports pro. Doom, Devil May Cry, Forza, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy XV, Rocket League, and so many others can benefit from higher refresh rates.

The strongest competition for this monitor is from AOC themselves. They do an older model with a 27″ VA panel that’s a bit cheaper and great for the budding enthusiast. However, the slightly smaller IPS panel does have much better colour reproduction and is less prone to backlight issues and blurring. Not that the other one was, but it’s just a better panel in general for image reproduction.

Should I Buy One?

This monitor isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. It’s not cheap, but it is extremely good value for money given the features it offers. While it’s a smaller panel, getting this level of colour reproduction, refresh rate, response times, and FreeSync/G-Sync Compatibility is just awesome. It’s a very slick monitor worthy of any refresh rate junky or those who want to be more competitive in multiplayer gaming. Of course, if you just need a monitor for the office, it may be overkill.

AOC 24G2ZU 240Hz IPS Gaming Monitor Review

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