AOC 25.5″ 240Hz AG251FZ Gaming Monitor Review

/ 10 months ago

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A Closer Look

Out of the box and the stand installed, the AGON is one great looking monitor. It’s a little small for my liking, as I use a 28-inch, but it’s more than adequate for most users and a comfortable size for HD resolutions in terms of pixels per inch. The stand has a nice weighted design and sits mostly behind the actual screen, so the arms won’t stick out and eat up too much of your desktop space.

Tucked away on the bottom right edge, a few control buttons, although you can always use the external remote if you can’t be bothered with these ones.

The bezel is nicely finished, with a bit of brushed aluminium on the bottom, and a stylish AGON logo in red.

More red highlights around the back, with a huge V-shaped red panel, with a bit of ventilation above it to keep the hardware cool.

Even from the back, this is a very nice looking monitor, even though it doesn’t need to be. Of course, I’m not complaining that it looks great from all angles!

Tucked on the side of the monitor, USB ports, and audio jacks. This could come in very handy in a gaming event, making it easy to hook up all your gaming hardware with ease, then take it away when you’re done competing. The yellow port is Fast Charging compatible too, handy if you need to give your phone a quick charge while gaming.

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Above those ports, a small fold up arm which can be used to hang your headset.

Just pull the arm out and it’s ready to use, then fold it up out-of-the-way if and when you don’t need it.

A small height adjustment slider guide on the back. It doesn’t actually do anything other than act as slide ruler type guide.

The monitor stand is very nicely designed. The “V” part stays in the same place, but the panel can be height adjusted and angled on both the horizontal and vertical axis.

There’s a good range of angle adjustment, so it should be easy to find the optimal angle while working or gaming. Or even just turn the monitor towards a friend so you can show them a video or something.

The monitor does push down nice and low, and it can still be angle adjusted at both the minimum and maximum heights.

The maximum height is impressive too, handy if you happen to be gaming or working while standing up, as you can still tip the monitor backwards quite a bit too. This may seem silly having the monitor like this, but I do this with mine when playing guitar, as it makes reading my sheet music easier while standing.


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