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  • Ariosto Dela Cruz

    Great monitor for my gaming! 🙂

  • Sam Nicko

    WOW 144MHz Monitor! Awesome product AOC! Love it!

  • Skidmarks

    Sweet prize. TN monitors are good enough for games.

  • Rhea Liza Lirios Munoz

    wow… hope to win

  • Iggy

    This would rock soooo much. Thank you

  • treboreuk

    has this comp finished cos I,m getting a page not found message

  • yolanda davis

    im also getting page not found

  • OH baby I’d love to own this! I have asus Ml248-H 24″ from 2009 or 2010.
    I remember my old CRT big and bulky but that refresh rate made FPS gaming so enjoyable.
    I really hop I win!

  • Mandip Das

    plz come to papa darling!

  • Aman


  • Mark Cage Mk II

    great prize Andy 🙂

  • Devansh Arora

    HOPE I WIN !

  • Domenick Spano

    hopefully i could win this

  • Viktor Gregorenko

    Шикарная фирма

  • Cody Irwin

    Boy oh boy still crossing fingers on this badboy! Not even available in US Still and may never be according to AOC 🙁 would be cool to be the only person with one hehe.

  • Slawomir Cwiek

    Who won this monitor?