AOC GH200 Gaming Headset Review

AOC has had many years to show us how great they are at making monitors. However, more recently, they’ve been making gaming peripherals, and while they’re not ultra high-end and expensive peripherals that are trying to topple the likes of Corsair and ASUS, they’ve proven to be extremely competitive products and surprisingly affordable. In the current economy, kick-ass gaming hardware that won’t break the bank certainly has some appeal. However, at just £32.99, can the new AOC GH200 Gaming Headset be any good? Well, that’s what I hope to find out.

AOC GH200 Gaming Headset

There’s no fancy wireless or surround hardware here, but at this price, I think that’s to be expected. However, you do get a pair of powerful 50mm stereo drivers, and a built-in omnidirectional microphone. The build quality looks decent too, with a steel headband, PU leather ear pads, and built-in controls too. Really, it looks like it has all the fundamentals, and so long as the sound quality is at least half-decent, AOC could be onto a winner here for those on a tighter budget. Especially when you scout Amazon and see the likes of TONGHUA, XIBERIA, TCJJ, and BENGOO are their main rivals in this price range… whoever they are, but AOC is a very well-known and trusted PC gaming brand, so that’s already a head start.


  • A 50 mm driver enables rich sound with intense and particularly clear bass. Experience first-class sound quality in every gaming session, in the office or while listening to your favourite songs
  • The built-in microphone records omnidirectionally, meaning it collects sound waves from all directions, allowing you to communicate clearly and concisely with your teammates
  • Due to the high-quality steel sliding headband, the gaming headphones can be adjusted quickly and easily and ensure a firm hold in turbulent situations, whether gaming, in the office or on the go
  • The artificial leather with padding made of memory foam ensures a high level of comfort, even during long sessions on the PC
  • The integrated and easily accessible control panel lets you mute the microphone with just one click, while the volume can be easily adjusted at any time with the help of the wheel

What AOC Had to Say

“Headphones need to have a great audio, be comfortable and look stylish. The faux leather with a memory foam padding ensures that you can wear your headphones in comfort. They don’t pinch, even when keeping them on for hours in a long gaming-session. The metal mesh covers on the sides protect your new peripheral so you can safely transport it without any worries.” – AOC

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