AOC Offer up a Pair of New AMD FreeSync Gaming Monitors

/ 2 years ago

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We all take our monitors for granted, we sit in front of them for hours on end looking at cat videos on YouTube. In today’s market, most enthusiasts have moved up to 1440p or great resolution screens, but it’s nice to see companies still catering for the 1080p market.

AOC have recently announced a pair of 1080p gaming monitors featuring AMD FreeSync technology. First up is the 24″ G2460PF and then a 27″ G2770PF. Both are based on TN-film panels, but can offer outstanding refresh rates of up to 144 Hz and response times of 1 ms. Along with those tasty figures, they also feature FreeSync which synchronises the monitor’s refresh rate to the frame rate being outputted by the graphics card; this allows for seamless, stutter-free display, ideal for fast paced gaming.

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They both offer viewing angles of 170°/160° (horizontal/ vertical) and brightness levels of up to 350 cd/m² (300 cd/m² for the G2770PF). Inputs include DisplayPort 1.2a (required for FreeSync), dual-link DVI and VGA.

Prices for these new monitors is set to start at $350 for the G2460PF and end at around $450 for the G2770PF; although local import taxes may alter the final price.

Some say that 1080p is a pointless resolution for monitors about 24″, especially with 1440p and 4k monitors becoming attractively priced; what are your thoughts?

Thank you to TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

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