Aorus M3 Gaming Mouse Review

/ 2 months ago

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A Closer Look

First impressions of the M3 are very positive. The mouse has a unique ergonomic shape that allows it to be easily used in both palm rest, claw grip, and fingertip grip play styles.

The mouse is designed for right-hand use only, as it only has control switch is on the left side. However, there are durable rubber grips on both the left and right sides, allowing for easier control depending on your play style.

Individually Mounted Switches

The mouse uses a separate panel for both the left Mouse button and the right Mouse button. this means a more accurate and tactile feedback from each switch on the mouse. tucked into the middle of the mouse, you’ll find a rubber grip coated scroll wheel which is both clickable and features A light “bump” when turned for added control. Behind that, you will find a plus and minus switch which by default offer controlling the DPI level. Of course, these buttons can be reprogrammed using the desktop software.

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On the base of the mouse, you will find free small Teflon slipmats allowing the mouse to glide more easily on your gaming surface of choice. Other than that, the mouse is fairly featureless on the bottom which will again help it glide more easily and allow that optical centre in the centre to get on with its job.

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