Aorus Thunder M7 Gaming Mouse Review

/ 3 years ago

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Today is a very special day, as I get to play around with the latest feature packed gaming mouse from Aorus; the Thunder M7. Aorus are one of the hottest gaming brands on the market right now and while they’ve only been around a couple of years, they’ve set their standards incredibly high, just look at their range of gaming notebooks, which offer some of the finest portable gaming systems money can buy. With Aorus setting their own standards so high, I’m obviously expecting great things from the Thunder M7; can it really offer the same level of quality as their other product ranges?

MMO gaming is a big market, of course this also branches out into the realms of MOBA and single player RPG titles, but they’ve generally all got one thing in common; complex control systems. MOBA and MMO gamers generally make use of actions that have cool down timers, these and applying things like character buffs can be a repetitive process at the best of times; having a programmable gaming mouse with macro features can significantly reduce the tinkering time and let you get back to the action. To meet this demand, Aorus have equipped their Thunder M7 with 11 programmable side buttons.

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The wide selection of programmable buttons will no doubt help with the gaming aspects, but there are plenty of other welcome features to the Thunder M7; such as a 200-8200 DPI laser sensor, braided cable and high-quality switches.

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Aorus were clearly trying to sway the results of this review in their favour, as they’ve also sent along their lovely Thunder P3 gaming mouse pad; which I’ll come back to later in this review.


The packaging on the M7 is nicely designed, with a great image of the mouse on the front and the main specifications on the side of the box.


Around the back you’ll find a quick run-down of some of the major features; such as the sensor and the programmable buttons.


Inside the box you’ll find a zip-up hard case.


The interior of the case is cut-out to perfectly hold and protect the mouse and its cable. It does seem a little oversized, but at least you know it’ll be nice and safe in there.


Under the mouse you’ll also find an extra set of Teflon slip-maps, as well as an easy to understand users’ guide.


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One Response to “Aorus Thunder M7 Gaming Mouse Review”
  1. Wayne says:

    Over the years I’ve seen and tested countless mice and instinctively I’ve come to know whether or not I’d be happy using it regularly, unfortunately I think this one would fall in the ‘not happy’ category mainly because the scroll wheel isn’t textured and few other things but I must admit it does look quite nice, quality too,

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