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Apacer Blade Fire DDR4 3200MHz 32GB Memory Kit Review


Since the launch of Intel’s latest mainstream LGA1151 platform, the cost of DDR4 memory kits has plummeted and superseded DDR3 in a relatively quick manner. Prior to the Z170 chipset, DDR4 modules could only be procured by professionals using extremely expensive processors with six to eight cores. Thankfully, DDR4 kits are now readily available at reasonable price points and come in a huge array of memory speeds. Technically, Intel’s SPD rating for the Z170 chipset is 2133MHz but this can easily be circumvented using an XMP profile. DIMMs from respected manufacturers including G.Skill, Corsair, Apacer, Patriot and others can surpass 3000MHz via a basic tweak in the BIOS. On the other hand, consumers tend to fixate on a memory kit’s aesthetic design because faster speeds don’t usually translate to improved frame-rates in modern titles.

Today, we’re taking a look at the 32GB DDR4 Apacer Blade Fire memory kit which operates at a speed of 3200MHz. Furthermore, the modules’ timings are rated at 16-18-18-38 with a voltage of 1.35v. Apacer decided to create a spectacular heatspreader design featuring red illumination which pulsates at 44 beats per minute. This impressive specification is bound to appeal to consumers requiring exceptional synthetic performance who prefer a more lavish design philosophy. The question is, can the modules compete against other premium brands and justify the relatively high $125.99 price per 16GB kit?


Packaging and Accessories

The memory kit’s packaging adopts a striking appearance and outlines the modules’ LED lighting functionality. Furthermore, the box clearly shows the military theme and utilises a bold font which draws you into the product. This brash styling is certainly more adventurous compared to other memory kits on the market.

A Closer Look

Here we can see the absolutely stunning knife design which is implemented in a really innovative manner. It almost manages to be understated and imposing at the same time. I’m particularly fond of the small cutouts and top ridges. These additions complement each other and evoke a premium feel. The dark black colour and red highlights create a superb contrast and accentuate other components in your build. The knife theme should appeal to the core gaming audience who regularly enjoy first-person shooters like Battlefield 4. Overall, I’m in awe of the memory kit’s appearance and believe it’s one of the most inventive creations I’ve ever seen.

On the top section, there’s a transparent plastic cover which allows the red illumination to pierce through and be easily visible in a closed chassis environment.

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John Williamson

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