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Apacer NOX 32GB DDR4 Memory Kit Review


Straight away, we see that the NOX is pretty competitive. It’s not the fastest kit we’ve tested, but it does have one advantage that’s also a disadvantage. It’s a 32GB kit, so it’s performance and latancy is a little lumpier than the more nimble 16GB kits. Of course, that’s a trade off that’s often worth it for those who simply need more RAM. However, scoring 2058 in CineBench R15 is no slouch, and our second highest score to date. Even the 3DMark and PCMark scores aren’t record breaking, but they’re pretty much right on the money for what we would expect from a 3200 MHz kit.



The kit may be rated at 3200 MHz, but that didn’t stop us from being able to get it to run at a more impressive 3800 MHz with minimal effort. Anything above that resulted in the system not booting, however, it proved to be remarkably stable at 3800 MHz using the stock voltages. Doing so boosted the CineBench score from 2058 to 2067. We also saw +2668 MB/s increase in Read Speed, +7768 in Write and +4959 in Copy performance. That’s a very welcome boost for memory intensive applications. We saw this with 3DMark Physics test, which saw a small bump from 24700 to 24784. The only cost was a slight increase in latency from 49.8 ms to 50.3 ms.

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Peter Donnell

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