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Apparently Star Citizen’s Crowdfunding is STILL Going Strong

I remember when this game was teased, people were throwing money at their screens to get it. Well, it turns out that while the game does have extensive playable sections right now, the development and crowdfunding simply never stopped. The game has now raised over $250 million, and that is honestly, pretty freaking crazy for a game that’s technically not even out.

Stretch Goals?

There aren’t any more at this point, literally ALL of the stretch goals were met at a mere $65m. The current funding is about what it cost to make, market, and distribute Grand Theft Auto V. Either way, Star Citizen is steadily turning into the most expensive game ever made and may even surpass the budgets of some AAA blockbuster movies soon.


Star Citizen is currently free to play until December 5th. Plus, you can fly every single ship in that time, so it’s a good time to get out there and try it.

Release Date

Well, it seems that the single-player campaign will be out sooner than the multiplayer mode. Squadron 42 is currently targeting Q3 2020, so still a while to wait yet.

Peter Donnell @Xavilend

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