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Apple Accused of Hugely Overstating Their iPhone Battery Life

Apple Accused of Overstating Battery Life

Is there is one factor that any modern smartphone owner is aware of, it’s that while it might be nice to have more powerful phones, managing the battery life can be more than a little challenging.

This is perhaps best highlighted in Apple iPhones which, at least in my experience, seem to require a charge at least once a day to keep on ticking.

In a report via The Mirror, however, independent research conducted by consumer watchdog ‘Which?’ has found that out of all the iPhones they tested, none of them was able to match Apple’s battery lifespan claims.

Extensive Testing

Testing 9 of the most popular iPhone models, Which? found that none of them were able to last as long as the official figures suggested. The worst performer was the iPhone XS which only managed 16 hours and 32 minutes compared with the official stats of 25 hours.

Apple has, however, responded to the testing claiming that Which? hasn’t been clear in their testing methodology.

Apple Responds

While Apple hasn’t exactly been stinging in their response, they have strongly disputed the findings of the research. Their main issue is that Which? did not disclose their testing methodology. A factor which, in fairness, would make an objective comparison to Apple’s own methodology difficult. You can, incidentally, check out their testing methods via the link here!

They do, however, believe that regardless of the results produced by Which? they consider their findings to be anything between 18%-51% under the ‘true’ figure.

So, I suppose it’s a case of who you choose to believe. Given that Apple doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for their battery ‘claims’ *cough* throttling *cough* I daresay I know which side of the fence most of you will be sitting on.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments.

Mike Sanders

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