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Apple: Almost 90% of Apple Chargers and Cables Sold on Amazon Are Fake

Third-party chargers sold on eBay and Amazon at remarkably low prices tend to fail safety standards and employ poor electronics. As enticing as the dirt cheap price point can be, it’s always recommended to pay the extra and invest in an official charger or alternative from a reputable company like Anker. Failing to do so could have disastrous consequences and damage a device worth quite a lot of money. In an unbelievable turn of events, a report by Patently Apple gives us an insight into the problem. Apple filed a trademark infringement case against Mobile Star LLC for supplying dangerous goods which impacted on Apple’s reputation. This company is Amazon’s official supplier according to an investigation:

“Apple recently purchased a number of Apple power adapters and charging and syncing cables (collectively “power products”) that were directly sold by – not a third party seller – and determined that they were counterfeit. informed Apple that Mobile Star was its source for the majority of these counterfeit Apple products […]”

“Counterfeit power products, such as those supplied by Mobile Star, pose an immediate threat to consumer safety because, unlike genuine Apple products, they are not subjected to industry-standard consumer safety testing and are poorly constructed with inferior or missing components, flawed design, and inadequate electrical insulation. These counterfeits have the potential to overheat, catch fire, and deliver a deadly electric shock to consumers while in normal use.”

What’s even more astonishing is the findings which suggest almost 90% of Apple chargers and cables were counterfeit. It’s important to reiterate that this isn’t some unverified marketplace seller, but purchases directly delivered by Amazon:

“Over the last nine months, Apple, as part of its ongoing brand protection efforts, has purchased well over 100 iPhone devices, Apple power products, and Lightning cables sold as genuine by sellers on and delivered through Amazon’s “Fulfillment by Amazon” program. Apple’s internal examination and testing for these products revealed almost 90% of these products are counterfeit.”

Apple is seeking damages of $2 million per product type and taking a stand against third-party faulty goods. Honestly, I think this is a positive move to prevent hazardous chargers and cables from being available to the public. The idea that 90% of Amazon’s stock was counterfeit is mind-blowing. Granted, I understand that people want to replace their cables cheaply and find a bargain it’s just not worth the hassle in case something goes amiss.

John Williamson

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