Apple Approves ‘Je Suis Charlie’ App in 1 Hour After Tim Cook E-Mail

/ 3 years ago


Apple is notoriously famous for its lengthy App Store approval process. Some apps can take weeks to get approved for sale on the store. Well one new app got approved in just an hour after the developers e-mailed Tim Cook.

The app in question has been created for the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ campaign in support of the victims of last week’s terrorist attack in Paris. It simply allows users to tag their location on the map as a supporter of the campaign.

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The developers apparently e-mailed Cook, Apple’s CEO, and they received a response from an employee in 10 minutes. The company promised that it would be reviewed in an hour and voila – it’s now available to download.

Source: 9to5Mac

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One Response to “Apple Approves ‘Je Suis Charlie’ App in 1 Hour After Tim Cook E-Mail”
  1. Evan Warnock says:

    nice so now they can test how many people they were able to rile up..

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