Apple Brand TVs coming soon?

/ 6 years ago

It would appear after taking the computer, phone and tablet market by storm Apple is now looking to move into the TV market. TVs equipped with iOS and an optional iOS set-top box to go with those are planned. Apple is also tinkering with the Idea of getting a subscription service online much like what Sky and Virgin offer. Apple also seems to be choosing a good time to come in as the prices of large high end TVs has started to fall dramatically as worldwide production has increased a lot. It is also planned that these iOS TVs will be touch screen and remote control operated for a more interactive TV experience. However, don’t expect to see these until Late 2012 at the very earliest, most analysts are speculating early to mid 2013 as the most likely time for release.


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  1. Gintoki says:

    I am guessing they are going to be cheap

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