Apple could be targeting ultrabooks with an ultrathin 15-inch MacBook

/ 6 years ago

With the ultrabooks proving to be hard selling product as it seems people looking for slim notebook are staying faithful to Apple, the latter could potentially make the road even bumpier for the ultrabooks.

Apple Insider reported the rumour that Apple is said to be testing a 15” ultrathin version of the famous MacBook series.

The ultrathin component here is said to the LCD screen, on which Apple must have put a serious diet, but with their experience going back more than four years, I don’t see why we should be preoccupied.

A couple of weeks back, Apple introduced faster Sandy Bridge chips in their MacBook Pro lineup, no doubt to start aiming at the ultrabooks, but it seems they’re already preparing to “pull the trigger”.

While Intel is already having a hard time selling its smaller sized ultrabooks, nothing has been announced that could counter a 15” yet.

Could this mean that Intel is “destined” to stay into their “bulkier” market? One thing we’re pretty much certain of, Apple is looking to stay king of the ultrathin notebook market.


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