Apple does u-turn on USB 3.0 due to high Thunderbolt prices

/ 6 years ago

Apple is apparently looking to start adopting USB 3.0 into its systems before Intel puts in Native USB 3.0 support in the next generation of Chip sets. This comes after Apple said they would not be putting USB 3.0 into its systems because they would instead use the faster Thunderbolt standard. Apple’s decision was laughed at by many as a costly mistake and it would now appear it has just been exactly that. USB 3.0 controllers cost around $2-3 in large quantities whilst Thunderbolt controllers cost nearly $10-15.

For a quick recap USB 3.0 is 5GB/s, USB 2.0 is 0.48GB/s and Thunderbolt is 10GB/s.

Also a lack of consumer grade products with Thunderbolt support is meaning that prices aren’t coming down because demand is too low. But until this goes mainstream Apple users will have to tolerate either slow USB 2.0 or super fast Thunderbolt with a minute range of Thunderbolt compatible devices.


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