Apple ends relationship with Chinese supplier after the use of underage workers

/ 5 years ago

Recently Apple, Inc. discovered 74 under-aged workers being used by one of their suppliers in China during their audits which resulted in ending the relationship with the company. The company behind employing children is Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics. It is found that 16 year old children were found making circuit boards for a few technology firms, two of them being Apple, Inc and HP.

It’s been further revealed that a recruitment firm; Shenzhen Quanshun Human Resources provided fake papers for these children to work. The regional government revoked its business license for now.

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Apple, Inc. has conducted 393 audits to identify any unacceptable working conditions. Senior VP of operations Jeff Williams stated that the company has increased its efforts to ensure that no under-aged workers are being used by their suppliers and that the working hours are limited to 60 hours a week.

Source: Reuters 

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