Apple Ends Sale of Products in Crimea

/ 3 years ago


Following the announcement that they would be terminating developer programmes in the region, Apple has now announced that it will cease the sale of its products in Crimea starting February 1st.

The company informed resellers in a later, declaring their compliance with US sanctions on the region.

“With reference made to Section 5G, «Export Compliance» of Apple Authorized Service Provider Agreement dated 01.04.14, please be informed that in accordance with the new sanctions on the Crimea Region announced by the US Government on December 19, 2014 you shall not sell Apple products and/or provide services related to Apple products in the Crimea Region as of February 1, 2015.”

Apple isn’t the only tech company to take this decision – Google has also announced that it will be blocking AdSense and AdWords in Crimea, as well as the closure of the Google Play store.

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Tech companies compliance with the sanctions will no doubt cause controversy in the region, as for the first time the citizens of Crimea will certainly feel their effect.

Source: 9to5Mac

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One Response to “Apple Ends Sale of Products in Crimea”
  1. Scion says:

    “citizens of Crimea will certainly feel their effect.” Like larger wallet from not having to waste money on overpriced & outdated tech? Iphone6 belongs in 2012 😀

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