Apple’s Enterprise Efforts Continue to Grow

/ 3 years ago


Reuters reports that Apple is continuing to step-up it’s enterprise efforts, following its landmark partnership with IBM earlier this year.

They’ve apparently hired a sales team to engage with key enterprise customers. They’ve also made steps to work with a select group of enterprise focused developers, most notably PlanGrid and ServiceMax, companies that build highly specific industry apps. ServiceMax for example already has some highly lucrative clients, such as Procter & Gamble and DuPont.

That IBM partnership earlier this year was marked as highly significant for both companies, as it resembled Apple’s first big push into the Windows-dominated enterprise market. For IBM, it was a sign that they may well be returning to the front line of the technology industry, with products that connect directly to the public, rather than products that are behind the scenes so to speak. Ever since IBM pulled the plug on its ThinkPad and ThinkCenter line of laptops and desktops, IBM’s efforts have been focused on data centres, supercomputers and technologies like batteries, processors and storage hardware.

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Source : Reuters


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