Apple Facing Anti-Trust Investigation In Europe over iPhone Sales Tactics

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According to fresh reports in the Financial Times Apple is currently facing an investigation into whether it is using anti-competitive tactics in the European Union market. The European Commission in Brussels recently sent a questionnaire to a number of operators in the EU requesting details of the sales and distribution terms that Apple uses after accusations of anti-trust had been flooding in. The investigation is centred around Apple’s demand for minimum orders, its involvement in controlling marketing budgets and its partner terms that insure against a rival getting a better deal.

Furthermore Apple is also accused of placing restrictions on its iPhone devices to forbid them being used on some 4G networks across Europe. Last year this was reported and apparently Apple switches the role of the usual method whereby operators test the phone, Apple locks its phone and requests to test the network.

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While Apple are still raking in the profits we are clearly seeing an emerging trend with people refusing to comply with Apple’s strict terms of business. Maybe the the tide is about to turn on Apple and we could see a rebellion from mobile operators?

Apple has insisted it complies with all EU laws and the commission needs to be confident that Apple dominates the EU smartphone market before it can take action. With Samsung gaining a lot of ground in the European market recently Apple may be saved from big fines by no longer being the dominant smartphone vendor.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

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One Response to “Apple Facing Anti-Trust Investigation In Europe over iPhone Sales Tactics”
  1. Wayne says:

    Who cares what Apple does? Not me. It’s the last product brand I’d buy.

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