Apple filing for sales ban of 8 Samsung phones

/ 5 years ago

The Samsung Galaxy S III – soon to be another victim of Apple?

After Apple’s landmark victory over Samsung in the US trade dispute, Apple is now looking to capitalise on this and ban as many Samsung products as possible for the American market.

The Galaxy S II and Droid Charge along with 6 other phones are all on Apple’s ban list. 28 devices were covered initially in the main legal battle between Apple and Samsung but most of these are not sold anymore.

The Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S III has escaped the ban for now. Although reports suggest the features and design elements that saw Samsung lose the main legal battle could lead to a separate case to ban the Galaxy S III on similar grounds.

Samsung will try and delay the ban by appealing the verdict of the main legal battle with Apple. With that bought time it can not only continue to sell existing stock but it can also modify the infringing parts of its devices to circumvent the sales ban.

Samsung is reportedly delaying new product releases as it gets experts in to check that they won’t fall victim to any patent trolling.

The key message here is: if you make smartphones – beware! Apple is coming for you. Irrespective of whether your phone looks like an Apple product or not.




One Response to “Apple filing for sales ban of 8 Samsung phones”
  1. Screw Apple! I would never buy any of their products due to their anti-competitive nature. They are experts in attempting to sue the pants off their competitors instead of trying to compete fairly with them.

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