Apple & Foxconn Double Down On Display Manufacturing Deal

/ 3 years ago


Foxconn is one of Apple’s main go-to companies when it comes to all things manufacturing for its iPad and iPhones, with a new request from Apple: a $2.6 billion investment, which will see Foxconn opening up a new manufacturing plant that will handle displays, for Apple only.

Innolux, Foxconn’s display arm according to BGR, is something that Apple wants access to. The company wants Foxconn to make displays for its iPhone, iPad and other devices, exclusively. A public relations rep for Foxconn’s display unit, Innolux Corp., said “Equipment installation will commence next month with mass production of panels to start by the end of 2015 after an urgent request for exclusive capacity.”

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I wonder how long it’ll be until Apple simply acquires Foxconn?

Source: BGR.

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