Apple granted HDTV LCD patent ahead of expected Apple iTV release

/ 6 years ago

Apple has once again sparked rumours of an upcoming iTV connected television release with new reports outing a patent filed by the Cupertino based company around LCD HD TV displays.

Covering off high refresh rate LCD displays, the latest Apple legal filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office has outlined a series of large scale television displays which play host to ‘fringe field switching’ high refresh rate technology, something which has previously been restricted to smaller scale screens.

Originally filed back in 2008 the patented technology, which builds on features currently used in Apple’s range of iMac devices could soon be making the jump to larger devices with Apple making repeated reference to its implementation in future televisions.

“Embodiments of the present invention can be implemented as flat screen television set 700 with display 701,” the legal document detailed. “Embodiments of the invention may allow the above-referenced devices to provide a clear and bright display with a relatively high resolution, high refresh rate and a wide viewing angle.”

Source: T3

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