Apple Granted Yet Another Patent, This Time For Turning A Page

/ 5 years ago

As if we’ve not heard enough recently, Apple have been at their second home, the Patent office. This week the giant have filed for and been granted 38 more patents, but one this week has stood out above everything else. This latest venture relates to turning page in iBooks and any app that simulates a page being turned in general. Yes, that’s right; they now own a patent for turning a page, or to be more specific “Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface”. The image above was used in the patent file, just in case the patent office didn’t know what turning a page looked like.

This latest grant may seem too crazy, especially as it is nothing new and we’ve been seeing it for years, but with the company’s ego getting bigger and bigger and the lawsuits against everyone else seeming to get more and more petty, its no surprise that this is now added to the collection of possible options to be pulled out of the hat to use against someone.

Whether using this latest patent will actually stand up in court or not is a time will tell matter, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if we hear more about it in the coming months.

Source: Mashable



2 Responses to “Apple Granted Yet Another Patent, This Time For Turning A Page”
  1. Turning a page today Right click tomorrow, Do they have an App for suing these companies or will i patten that now ?

  2. Rewire says:

    Im starting to feel bad for apple, it seems as if they are just looking for ways to piss people off

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