Apple iMac Pro Flagship May Cost Over $17,000

/ 8 months ago

After years of silence, Apple finally revealed their new high-end desktop. This comes after last year’s teaser about a new Mac Pro replacement for 2018. The 2013 Mac Pro suffered from various design flaws due to the innovative form factor. With the new iMac Pro, Apple has decided to stand out once again. Taking a cue from the Microsoft Surface Studio, Apple has created their new Pro as an iMac. Just in time for the summer, we now have some leaked information for the price of the new iMac Pros.

First off, the iMac Pro is priced higher than the Mac Pro. The integrated screen likely contributes to much of this price increase. As we know from the presentation, the base model will cost $4,999. This gets you a 27 inch 5120 x 2880 pixel display with all of the usual iMac goodies. The system is powered by a 8 core Intel Xeon processor with a Radeon Pro Vega GPU featuring 3,584 shaders. Rounding out the package, we have 32GB of ECC DDR4 and a 1TB SSD.

Is the iMac Pro worth $17,000?

As with most systems, you can max it out but it will cost you. According to a cost estimate, a fully decked out flagship iMac Pro will set you back more than $17,000. Maxing out the core count will cost $3,987 while a GPU upgrade costs $2,044. Quadrupling the ram will cost $2,691 and doing the same for storage will be $3,603. All in all, the total cost jumps to $17,324, nearly 4 times the base cost but the specs nearly quadruple as well.  As expected for a flagship Apple device, the cost is quite exorbitant. I for one can’t wait to see how it will hold up to the competition and justify its massive cost.

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