Apple iPad Pro OLED Displays Set For 2024 Production

With current Apple iPhone models featuring an OLED display, it has led many to wonder when the iPad would also be getting the OLED treatment. Now the development of OLED display’s for the iPad was planned back in 2021 however disagreements with Samsung, who manufactures the OLED panels, about Apple’s insistence on the more expensive 2-stack OLED structure and whether it would be profitable for Samsung led to this plan to be delayed, until now.

Following a report from the Korean News outlet ETnews, Samsung and LG have reportedly resolved these disagreements and have begun to prepare for mass production of the OLED panels for future iPad and Macbooks.

Apple OLED Display

Apple aims to release these screens with the 2024 iPad Pro using a “hybrid” OLED panel which is a combination of the thin film encapsulation process on flexible OLED displays applied to the glass substrate used on rigid OLED screen tech. Reportedly apple refused to use flexible-only panels as they “looked dented”. The benefits of Apple using OLED displays are that they are much more efficient leading to better battery life, much better colours and a much better brightness and contrast ratio compared to the LCD panels on current iPad models.

Now, what has made Samsung change its mind on this contract is primarily down to the overcoming of challenges that were involved in making these screens for Apple. the glass substrate for the panels has to be very thin to meet the hybrid design that Apple requested which is an extreme challenge. Reports say Chemtronics, who Samsung has contracted to make the glass substrate, has received enough investment to construct an OLED Etching facility capable of making these thin glass substrates meaning the facilities to produce these screens at a profit are now available.

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Jakob Aylesbury

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