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Apple iPhone 11 Features Suggest Long-Range 3D Camera

Apple iPhone 11

There are more than a few rumours to suggest that Apple will release their iPhone 11 (or XI if you prefer the Rocky-style of writing) at some point in 2019. This isn’t, however, confirmed with many suggesting that Apple may hold off on its release until 2020. Regardless though, whatever comes, it’s a nail-on fact that the tech giant will release a new smartphone this year.

Following a report via BloombergQuint, however, a few rumours have sprouted to suggest what we can expect from their 2019 release.

Long-Range 3D Camera

In the report, Sony has dropped some not-so-subtle hints that the demand for their camera technology has soared. This is, of course, in no small part due to the number of brand new smartphones expected to hit the market. They have, however, given a strong indication that such inclusions may be for the new Apple iPhone. Specifically, that it may look to integrate one of the most sophisticated 3D camera models to date.

This could not only include the ability to take long-range 3D photographs, but also perhaps the integration of augmented reality.

What Do We Think?

While it is entirely possible that some form of this technology will come this year, we suspect that 2020 is a more likely candidate for the next ‘leap’ in Apple’s smartphone technology. Why? Well, it’s believed that Apple will not be looking to bring in 5G support until at least then. It just seems to make more sense that if Apple is lagging a little in this area, they might want to wait to blow us away with AR features for this release.

It is, of course, all speculation. You do, however, feel that they need something big to cement their position at the top of the mobile game.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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