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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Confirmed Having a 25% bigger battery

With the release of the Apple iPhone 11, a lot of the attention has been turned towards the ‘premium’ end of the models with the Pro Max. With Apple boasting around a 5-hour improved battery life-span (compared to the prior XS model), people have been more than a little curious to see how this has been achieved.

Well, following the release of the first teardown video on YouTube (DChannel – Di Động Việt) we have our answer. Put simply, they have used a battery that is roughly 25% larger. As you might expect, however, when you dig into the details, the rabbit hole does go deeper.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Has a 25% Larger Battery

So, in very basic terms, this means that with the use of a 25% larger battery, Apple may have found a way to extend the battery life of the prior iPhone model by around 30-40%. This is, of course, presuming that their own figures are accurate.

It isn’t incidentally a criticism either as despite the larger battery, Apple has clearly still found a way to make the battery usage more efficient. In addition, a smaller PCB means that the phone, as a whole, and despite the larger battery size, is generally speaking no notably larger (or more accurately, thicker) than the XS models.

What Do We Think?

It’s hardly any secret to an iPhone owner that battery lifespan can be a problem. I think my phone can last roughly 24-48 hours on a charge, albeit I am certainly not a heavy phone user! If I am using as for the GPS or for internet use, however, those figures nose-dive pretty sharply.

As such, a better battery lifespan is clearly something that many consumers would take interest in. Albeit, with its colossal price tag, I’m not entirely certain how many people are really going to want to get one of these more ‘premium’ models.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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