Apple iPhone 15 Rumoured To Be Targeting A Huge Leap Forward in Image Quality

Although the Apple iPhone 15 is not expected to be released until sometime around Summer/Autumn 2023, speculation is already high as to what the tech giants might be planning for its next-gen flagship smartphone design. – And, in something that’s hardly surprising, it seems that camera technology is once again going to be taking centre stage.

In this regard though, what can we expect? – Well, following a report via Nikkei, information has appeared online suggesting that Apple is planning to use a cutting-edge ‘state of the art’ image sensor for its iPhone 15 which could potentially represent a massive step forward in picture quality!

Apple iPhone 15 – Upping the Camera to Take on Competition

While the camera quality has undoubtedly represented one of the key features of the iPhone over the last 10 years, it’s hard to deny that much of its competition, which had been left in the dust, has caught up pretty quickly in recent years. In fact, many argue that the imaging technology on top-tier Samsung smartphones (just for example) is actually, in many respects, better than that seen on the iPhone 14.

As such, it’s understood that Apple is looking to utilise a brand new cutting edge (maybe even bleeding edge) Image Sensor for its iPhone 15 which will help give them a nice and solid clearcut lead in this market. – What will this actually do though? Well, although just a theory, it’s understood that the new sensor will be capable of absorbing significantly more light meaning that balancing, contrast, and sharpness (handled by the AI) should be massively better (if not perfect) even when a picture is taken in exceptionally unfavourable conditions. And, as all photographers know, lighting balance is key for great and highly focused images!

One Likely Downside

While this sounds fantastic in theory, the only key problem this will likely create is that if Apple is going to go towards the bleeding edge of imaging technology for its new iPhone 15 camera, this will undoubtedly carry a price tag to match. Yes, for expensive as the iPhone 14 Pro is right now, the cost of the iPhone 15 could be significantly higher just for the addition of this new technology.

Let’s be honest though, image quality is about all Apple really has going for it now in terms of its iPhone innovation. – Put simply, between this and the likely requirement to swap to a USB-C adaptor, the latest design likely isn’t going to improve much in any other area.

With that being said though, if the image quality is as good as rumoured here, while likely being expensive, this could represent one of the best portable image-capturing devices around! Well, outside of the remits of professional-grade equipment.

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments.

Mike Sanders

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