Apple is at it again: Patent slapped on the MacBook Air design

/ 7 years ago

We have all since Apple’s conduct with patents they have been hunting down anyone that tries to create a product which resembles something they make and most recently the Samsung Galaxy tab has been under controversy because of this. Now they have managed to put a patent on the MacBook Air design and it is believed there is one big reason why Apple is doing this: “The Ultrabook”. Intel’s latest product is going to threaten the MacBook Air and Apple knows this so in an attempt to hold back Intel, Apple has managed to get this patent into place.

However, it seems unlikely that Apple would go after Intel since Intel provides the majority of the chips Apple computers use, so we might see Apple going after companies like ASUS, Acer and Samsung once they start churning out the “Ultrabooks”. But The bottom line is the MacBook Air is a design which the Ultrabooks are unlikely to resemble since they use a different design and different colour schemes so hopefully there will never be an issue.

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