Apple iWatch Will Reportedly Ship With Different Sizes, Customizations

/ 3 years ago

Apple’s iWatch is expected to release later this fall with different screen sizes and designs, anonymous sources told the Wall Street Journal. If true, it makes sense to offer customization for users, opening up product selection to a larger audience of customers.

Smartwatch supporters hope Apple is able to innovate and draw interest to the market, with many consumers unsure what to make of these devices. There are limited features – many of which are already available on smartphones – and that has initially stifled interest to this point. However, analysts expect the market to boom, with sales tripling year-over-year in 2014 alone, with that number climbing even higher over the next three years.

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Meanwhile, the iWatch is expected to enter mass production next month, with a few million units manufactured each month leading up to launch in the fall. Unnamed sources say Apple anticipates 50 million units shipped within the first 12 months, which is an absolutely ambitious goal.

It will be a great entry for Apple, joining the likes of Samsung, Google, and smaller startup companies working to win over consumers in the growing smartwatch market. LG Electronics and Motorola are preparing their own Google Android-powered smartwatches, and should be available later this year.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Do they mean to tell me there are about 50 mil iSheep on the planet? Damn! It’a a conspiracy.

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