Apple Just Isn’t Cool Anymore, It’s time for Google to shine.

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Several years ago I would have said that Apple Inc was one of the coolest, if not the coolest companies out there. Unfortunately in the past few years it seems that Apple has stopped thinking outside of the box, they have stopped bringing us new and innovative tools and technology. I am sure others are thinking the same as well.

Google appears to be becoming the new Apple, getting bigger each and every day, and continually bringing us new and innovative products and tools. Making huge strides from starting off as a fantastic search engine to becoming one of the largest technology providers to the world.

Here are 10 products that Google has released, or is getting ready to release in the near future, I hope you enjoy.

Google Glass, though we have not seen in detail how Google Glass is going to work, we have been given small teasers showing some of its functions. Google has kicked off a large testing phase, for this hot new product but there not even the slightest assumption as to when it might be ready for release to the public. Though we may see it as early as the beginning of 2014.

Google Nexus 10, Google’s newest tablet, not only does it have a larger display, it is just as powerful as an iPad and you get it all for less money. Plus the Nexus 10 uses the Android OS providing a user friendly interface, and Android is Open Source!

Google Fiber, Google has been considering entering the ISP market for a short time now, wanting to offer customers the fastest possible internet speeds possible, with Sony working with Japanese ISPs to bring out fiber-optic internet other ISPs will need to start thinking about this too! Fiber-Optic is great for television as well!

Google Search, being able to sit at your computer, or using your mobile device you are able to browse the web, and what better way to do this than to use Google Search, being able to search for websites, images and more all from the same site, with easy to use features, where could you go wrong?

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Google Play Store, hundreds of thousands of apps to search from, tons of them for free, and you don’t have Apple standing on the sidelines saying no, you can’t have that one, and if you’re a developer, you don’t need to worry about Google not allowing you to share your app with the world.

Android, the fastest growing operating system out there, open source and it is FREE! There are its flaws as everything has some flaws, but it is user friendly, easy to work with, and there are so many features. Did I mention, its FREE?

AdMob, for the mobile advertising market, advertisements are what pave the way for good companies to become great, allowing that extra bit of funding to come in to allow them to continue moving forward. AdMob allows you to promote your apps with ads, to allow you to earn some revenue from your app.

Google Maps, have you ever been lost in a large city, not knowing where you’re going? I have, and not wanting to ask for directions because you are unsure of your surroundings, and in what appears to be in a bad part of town. Google Maps is nearly always reliable and won’t likely have you turning into the side of a building or driving through the middle of a lake.

Google Docs, one of my personal favorites, I have been promoting Google Docs to friends and family alike for several years now. Being able to store your important documents in a safe place, with the ability to edit them on the go and not needing to keep that pesky flash drive available at all times.

Chrome, last but not least. I have made the switch to chrome entirely recently, moving over from Mozilla. It was difficult for me to make the move, but I have adapted quite well, and I doubt that I could ever go back to Mozilla, or move to another browser. Chrome has so many features, and I think I use about all of them.

Now really, Apple can’t top that!


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5 Responses to “Apple Just Isn’t Cool Anymore, It’s time for Google to shine.”
  1. lukashigh says:

    chrome is awful…. Firefox is open source non profit… simple decision for most.

    • And in what way is Chrome “awful”. You have not stated any justification, you are merely being a classic troll and saying something sucks without giving a reason. If not being open source was your justification for Chrome being “awful” then you will actually find the majority of Chrome’s source code is open source available as part of the chromium project. As far as profit goes, Mozilla may be a non-profit organisation but its Firefox browser still makes it a tonne of money. Making money isn’t criminal.

    • Jordan Buck says:

      Chrome is probably the best browser out there, yes Firefox is amazing but the functionality and features of chrome are implemented more successfully on Chrome than they are on Firefox, just my opinion though.

    • chrome’s tab sync is much better though

  2. Adam Bell says:

    Glass will be available this year –

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