Apple Livestream Hiccups Anger Viewers

/ 3 years ago

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It’s been the hype of news for the last couple of weeks and tonight was finally the time, or so we hoped with Apple’s big event and unveiling of the new iPhone. Sadly the event has run far from smooth this time, with reports popping up all over social media sites about out-takes, blackouts, Chinese narration and more.

You can see hundreds of angry fans and fanboys alike flocking to twitter here for some of the latest reactions.

The audience was already limited by fact that the Live stream only works on certain versions of Safari on OS X, and Safari on iOS 6.0 or later, but now it looks like even those people can’t watch the event without trouble. This is not the best start Apple could have hoped for, on the launch of their new flagship smartphone.

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At the moment it’s actually more hilarious to read all the tweets about the event than the actual coverage, with examples such as “In other news, Apple’s live keynote stream goes down as worse than’s launch,” “Wonder if they have the Apple live-stream on 4Chan …”, or “Millions of Apple fans and media watching on for the biggest announcement in tech. Can’t figure out how to livestream correctly.”

Thank you Twitter for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “Apple Livestream Hiccups Anger Viewers”
  1. Wayne says:

    I like this news. I’ll read about the aftermath later in the morning news. 🙂

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