Apple loses patent claim cases against HTC

/ 5 years ago

A U.K court has ruled HTC is not infringing on any Apple patents, thus opening up the global smartphone market to freedom that Apple can no longer scaremonger the market with the threat of legal action. Apple tried to deal a blow to HTC by stating that its patents regarding photo management, slide to unlock, changing of the alphabet through scrolling, and software allowing users to touch two spots at the same time were infringed.

The U.K court on the other hand stated that HTC did not infringe on 3 of those patents and that one of them was totally invalid. This ruling marks yet another legal failure for Apple that has seen them lose the ability to ban HTC One X and face legal charges in China over trademarks. But the year started so promisingly for Apple’s patent trolling after a victory over Samsung.

Apple’s Press deparment said:

“Competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours”

However, after today’s ruling Apple are clearly in legal position to state competitors have been stealing their technology after losing this case.

A spokesperson for HTC stated that HTC was:

“disappointed that Apple continues to favor competition in the courtroom over competition in the marketplace.”

Don’t you think its about time Apple started producing genuinely unique innovations instead of clutching at straws of “original” technology that everyone else already knows and uses? Let us know what you think.





One Response to “Apple loses patent claim cases against HTC”
  1. Adamhill212 says:

    About time. Contrats to HTC and good luck to Samsung over in the US.

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