Apple Pokes Fun at Android in new Commercial

/ 2 years ago


When you have two competitors as large as Apple and Google, or Apple and Samsung, Okay Apple Vs the World; things differentiating between the two (or more) companies can become extremely petty. In the newest advert launched by Apple, they seem to poke fun at the software and hardware compatibility.

Apple design most of the hardware and software in-house, the boffins know that in every single iPhone, it will feature 99% the same parts; so software writing is essentially a simple process. This then means that the software can better utilise the hardware to increase efficiency and/ or performance.

When the magnifying glass points at Android, the operating system has to be compatible with hundreds, if not thousands of different hardware configurations. In some cases, it works perfectly fine, in others it flops. This is why each manufacturer releases their own version, so it works better with the phone in hand.

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Personally I don’t like Apple, but I have to admit that they are onto something here. Google released the Nexus a few years back which took the Android world by storm thanks to the optimised performance (and screen), and that is what Apple do with almost every iteration of the iPhone.

What smartphone do you own? Do you wish you went for the competition? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you to BGR for providing us with this information.

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  • Matthew Beckett

    “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” Why do think everyone wants to copy them. In most cases they copy others, or buy the original developers.

  • Alex Cortinovis

    Nexus and Lumnia phones are designed by the company that put the OS on them (respectively Google and Microsoft), so Apple is just trying to launch shit against Samsung and others OEMs, not google.

  • 12John34

    That’s all? That’s the best thing Apple can do? Are they running out of ideas, or did they just hit the wall on all other ideas they had?

  • KinTharEl

    Yet half the technology that they use is licensed from Samsung and other companies. Not to mention Samsung also makes almost all of the parts of the iPhone. So yeah, this is the weakest swing they could have taken.

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