Metaio, AR Startup Reportedly Joins Apple

/ 3 years ago

An Augmented Reality startup, Metaio has reportedly been acquired by Apple. The startup defines itself as “pioneer in augmented reality and computer vision” has managed to pull off a number of great projects for big clients like Ferrari, Volkswagen and Ikea. Their technologies enable you to know much more about the features in a much more intuitive way such as knowing the aerodynamics and apply different colors on cars in the showroom, possibilities are limitless. Apple is looking forward to securing its future in the department of Virtual Reality ( AR is not VR ), but Apple has been spotted posting job listing for Virtual Reality jobs and it already filed a patent for a device like VR headset that works with an iPhone.

Techcrunch has managed to obtain legal documents which show a transfer of shares from Metaio, an augmented reality to Apple on May 21st/22nd. Apple has confirmed the acquisition by responding “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.” This development has affected the company’s products offerings as they have stopped selling them and the tech support will end on June 30.

Thank you Techcrunch for providing us with this information.

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