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Apple Rumored to be Launching the iPhone 9 This Friday!

For anyone with only a passing or mild interest in Apple products, it’s probably always been a matter of mild curiosity as to following their various (and largely sequential) smartphone launches why we never got an iPhone 9. Admittedly, I’ve never really understood why it didn’t happen.

In a report via BGR, however, it seems that a phone case has kicked off some pretty heavy rumors that Apple may (finally) be set to launch the iPhone 9. Better still, it’s going to be quite powerful, relatively familiar, and best of all, it might land this Friday!

Apple iPhone 9

So, what do we know about the Apple iPhone 9? Well, the short version is, not a lot. The speculation is suggesting, however, that it will feature the processor from the iPhone 11 while retaining the same overall design of the iPhone 8. A decision that could not only prove to be very practical for Apple, but also popular with consumers who own the iPhone 8, but want something a bit more powerful (but not costing them a kidney or two).

With an expected MSRP of around $399, this will make it just as fast as the best iPhone currently available while significantly less expensive. In fact, and I stand to be corrected on this, it might actually be the cheapest ‘current’ iPhone you can buy right now!

What Do We Think?

The growing rumors have largely stemmed from retailers accidentally putting a phone case for sale that specifically cites use with the “New iPhone 4.7-inch, 2020”. Admittedly, this is by itself somewhat tenuous. Many do, however, see this as an instance of the stars aligning. Specifically, because alternative rumors have already suggested that the iPhone 9 will launch in April.

Given that this is (supposedly) set to be launched this Friday, if true, the good news is that we won’t have long to wait before we find out for certain!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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