Apple Spring Event: Medical Research Kit and Macbook Presented

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After having been introduced to the changes for the Apple TV, the focus shifts to health care after a little bragging about ApplePay and CarPlay. There are over 900 apps out there to manage and track your fitness, but that isn’t enough for Apple. They have created the Research Kit that turns the iPhone “into a powerful diagnostic tool”. It will allow for study of diseases, chronic conditions and more and there are already a half-a-dozen apps for it.

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The fact that this medical kit is categorized as Research all the way through probably helps Apple to get around regulation for medical devices, and of course it will never replace them or be as accurate. It can still be a great tool to have at your disposal. Apple also stressed that they won’t see your data and that it’s safe. The Research Kit will be released next month and the first five apps are available today. A thing that got a lot of applause was that the fact that it will be created as open source, something very unusual for Apple.

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“We’re incredibly confident that Research Kit is going to transform the way research is performed.” Tim Cook

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Now we’re getting to the more interesting part for most of use, the presentation of the new Macbook. Apple has “reinvented” the notebook and the new version surely is impressive. It weighs just 2lbs and is just 13.1 mm thin, impressive. The next thing we notice is the colour of the Macbook, it is Gold.

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The new Macbook has a 12-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels. The display panel itself is only 0.88mm thin, that is thin! It packs an Intel Core M 1.3GHz CPU with a Turbo speed up to 2.9GHz and 8GB RAM. It has 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, a single USB-C connector for USB connectors, power, and HDMI. The new keyboard features a butterfly mechanism and is 40% thinner than traditional keys. The new keys are much more precise and accurate, even if you strike them from the side.

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New Gold Macbook 4

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The trackpad also got an upgrade and is using “Force Touch”. It isn’t hinged like a traditional trackpad but uses force sensors to measure pressure. They also added something called “a force click” to enable different features in applications, guess that is what the rest of us know as right-click. Inside it features an unibody architecture and has no vents or fans.

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New Gold Macbook 7

The parts not filled with PCB are covered with batteries and the new Macbook promises up to 9 hours wireless browsing and 10 hours of iTunes video. It will be available on April 10th for $1299.

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Thanks to Mashable for providing us with this information

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