Apple may switch to TSMC for A6X processor production

/ 5 years ago

It has been reported that Apple, Inc. is looking to initiate a trial production of the A6X processor with TSMC during Q1 2013.

The trial period could decide whether TSMC will be given contract for A6X processor production, which is to be used in the 4th Gen iPad. Since Apple and Samsung’s relationship has been on a very rock path over the last year, Apple are looking to fulfil the contractual obligations with them and then switch sides if and when they are satisfied with TSMC.

Apple wants to be sure before they even think of quitting the processor fabrication contract with Samsung and switching over TSMC. Both the companies need to be totally sure that TSMC can handle a huge demand and are able to withstand Apple’s high standard for chip quality. Naturally it goes without saying, if TSMC passes with flying colours, Apple may end up leaving Samsung for good or they will end up being back at square one with Samsung.


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