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Apple to Launch a New iPad Mini Later This Year?

Having owned an Apple iPad (although no longer), while I absolutely loved the functionality and performance it offered, I did largely have one major gripe with it. Namely, the fact that it was bloody huge. While the iPad Mini has undoubtedly helped to address that issues with consumers, it’s a product line which, I think it would be fair to say, Apple has neglected in recent years. Oh sure, there have been plenty of revised versions of it, but overall, it has remained pretty much the same ever since it originally came out.

Following a report via Mashable, however, while it may have taken a lot longer than many might’ve expected, new rumours are suggesting that Apple may finally be preparing to launch a new and completely redesigned iPad Mini before the end of this year.

Apple iPad Mini

Although details on the new iPad Mini are exceptionally vague, it is suggested that it will represent one of the biggest overhauls in terms of design and aesthetics the iPad Mini has seen ever since it was originally brought to market. Although not confirmed, it is understood that two of the main key aspects of it will be a significantly thinner bezel. At the same time, the traditional ‘home’ button at the base will be removed entirely in favour of a full-blown touch screen interface.

When Will We Know More?

Seemingly scheduled to release before the end of this year, if you have been looking to treat yourself to a new iPad, then this upcoming Mini design might be absolutely perfect for you. Given that this is an Apple product, however, the only notable downside will likely be seen in the price tag. Oh, and probably that they’ll still be forcing you to buy a dongle if you want to use a 3.5mm audio input.

On the whole, though, given how popular and successful the 2019 revision of the iPad Mini was, this could definitely prove to be a huge hit with consumers this Christmas!

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Mike Sanders

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