Apple want a sales ban on the Galaxy S III

/ 5 years ago

Following Apple’s $1 billion victory over Samsung in their well publicised patent dispute, Apple has added four more Samsung Smartphones to the list of products it wants banned for sale in the United States.

That list named a total of 8 models, including the Galaxy S 4G, the Galaxy S2 (AT&T), the Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket), the Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile), the Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, the Galaxy S Showcase, the Droid Charge, and the Galaxy Prevail. The recently updated list contains the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone.

If Apple can get these injunctions approved then Samsung will have to stop selling the Samsung Galaxy S III among many of the other phones on the list. This is sure to hit Samsung quite hard as they will struggle to recuperate the costs that went into developing and producing these Smartphones if a sales ban is put into place.

Ultimately consumers will lose out. With Samsung all but thrown out of the smartphone market on the current generation of smartphones, consumers are left with significantly less options and Apple will probably proceed to dominate the American smartphone market – probably what their intentions were when they started these legal proceedings.



One Response to “Apple want a sales ban on the Galaxy S III”
  1. aaah Apple, what a fair play! his charismatic leader gone and voila, acting like a whiny kid. Good guy Apple is gone with i devices succes. Today apple only sells standard overpriced hardware with a good OS.

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