Apple Watch has ‘Power Reserve’ Mode, Prototypes Disguised as Samsung Watches

/ 3 years ago

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The New York Times has published some new details about the upcoming Apple Watch. They suggest that the new device will have a ‘Power Reserve’ mode that keeps the clock face running even with minimal battery power left.

The news comes at a time when many are wondering just how long the device’s battery life will be. Apple itself has only suggested that it will need to be charged nightly, while rumours have pointed to a couple of hours being the time it will stay active. It’s worth pointing out however that these rumoured times are only under standard use conditions, in that the watch will only be in full use very briefly throughout the day. The device uses a mechanism that switches the display on only when you raise your wrist. If true, it appears that Apple is trying to ensure that it maintains its basic time-telling function for as long as possible.

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There’s also some other tidbits of information from the article, such as the fact that Apple disguised the watch as a Samsung Galaxy Gear while in development. This is not uncommon for the company, as they’ve been known to do this with iPhones, most famously with the stolen iPhone 4 that was “left” in a bar back in 2010.

The Apple Watch will be released in April, with Apple holding an event next Monday to reveal further details.

Source: The New York Times Via: The Verge

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