Apple Watch to Have 5 Hours of “Heavy Use” Battery Life

/ 3 years ago

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The ever reliable 9to5Mac has said that people familiar with the matter understand that the Apple Watch will now have 5 hours of “heavy usage” battery life.

Their sources say that Apple has surpassed its target of 2.5-4 hours and that 5 hours has been achieved. They also suggest that the device is perfectly capable of getting through a full day of combined heavy and light use, but will still need to be charged nightly. This information is apparently coming from those who have used the device themselves.

“Sources who have handled the Apple Watch tell us that Apple has improved the device’s battery life, noting that the final Apple Watch should be able to handle 5 hours of fairly heavy application usage, and it and won’t run out of battery during a typical day of mixed active and passive use.”

Give the post a read, it covers a number of other, more minor revelations, largely concerning some other unannounced features. However, if you want to hear it from Apple, you only have to wait until Monday when they hold their big event. We’ll be covering it right here on eTeknix.

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Source: 9to5Mac

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