Apple Watch Users Can Expect Nightly Charges

/ 3 years ago

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One of the biggest omissions from Apple’s  press conference was battery life for the company’s upcoming watch – leaving a lot of onlookers and tech journalists wondering if and when the information would be announced. Sources have told Re/code that there was good reason for the omission – Apple simply isn’t happy with the numbers.

“It’s about a day right now – Apple has been working on various modifications ahead of the device’s 2015 launch to improve it.”

An Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris had declined to comment regarding an estimate around the battery life within the Apple Watch, but went on to say that the company hopes users will charge their Apple Watches once daily.

“There’s a lot of new technology packed into the Apple Watch and we think people will love using it throughout the day,” Kerris said.

The hot new Android Wear smartwatch; the Moto 360 recently received a lot of criticism for its poor battery performance throughout the day – lasting about 14hrs per charge – but it would seem that even the biggest player in the industry is having a tough time in battery efficiency as well.

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  • Mike Laste

    I’d suggest they change the case and band of the watch to allow the case to be flipped while on a persons wrist. This would allow them to put a solar panel option on the back that allows people to charge while out and about.

    • Scion

      Issue with devices is that they don’t do well in the sun. A friend’s iPad overheated and stopped working after he left it in the sun for 10minutes while he went to answer the home phone.

      • Mike Laste

        That sucks….

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