Apple Waves Goodbye to iPhoto

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It’s come to the end of the road for apples iPhoto and Aperture apps, Apple have released a replacement called Photos that provides the functionality of both aperture and iPhoto.

iPhoto was released in 2002 and has 10 major version releases, however has had no major development since 2010.

Photos has been designed to integrate closely with the iPhone App. It will do so via the iCloud photo library support. Users can upload photographs from any iOS or mac device, allowing end users to be able to edit and view pictures from whatever apple device they have in their hand. The only issue that may happen is that you will run out of iCloud storage. Currently with a standard iCloud package you will get 5Gb of free space, if this isn’t enough for your photos then you can upgrade to 200GB for £2.99 a month; pretty good really!

However the new Photos app is not a complete replacement for Aperture, since that program offered a much greater set of editing tools; lots of which were meant for professional photography.

Apple have stated that aperture and iPhoto will remain functional as long as they are installed on the device. However, the change will mean that there will be no more updates.

Thank you to The Verge  for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Maclife.

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